About Us

Summit Silk Bedding

Summit Silk Bedding has been providing service in Los Angeles since 1990 and was founded by a Taiwanese American. The company has been operating for 25 years.

Summit Silk Bedding stores can be found in many large Chinese communities in Canada and United States. Summit Silk Bedding is North America’s most trusted bedding brand.

More than 70% of the Chinese population in the United States and Canada use Summit Silk Bedding along with other related items.

25 years of good credit and excellent customer reviews is the best way we can insure customer satisfaction.

Summit Silk Bedding is the first Chinese bedding company in 5,000 years to receive many patents from China, Taiwan, and America.

Summit Silk Bedding is the top bedding company. Summit’s silk comforters come in 7 sizes, 5 weights, 4 materials, and has 6 United States & Taiwan patents. Summit currently produces the best quality and provides the most variety of silk comforters.