Choosing The Best Quality Silk Quilts

Choosing The Best Quality Silk Comforter
  • Know whether or not the silk was made from 100% the high-quality filaments of cocoons. Also, know if the silk material was made using the most modern technology. These types of quilts can be used for a longer amount of time and will not clump together.

  • Know whether or not there is a protective layer between the outside of the quilt and the filling of the quilt to avoid any escaping silk fibers.

  • Be careful not to buy silk bedding that has been whitened or is made from Tussur silk or scrap pieces of unwanted silk.

  • When looking at the company label that tells about the weight of the quilt, know whether the weight refers to the only cocoons silk material in the quilt or the weight of the silk material with covers. There is a large difference since the weight of the cover material is usually between two or three and half pounds. One must also take into account the surface area of the cover to know the actual weight.

  • High quality silk quilt should last over ten years. If the quilt is unusable after three to five years then it is not high quality silk quilt.

  • The properties of high quality silk quilt is soft and light to the touch, permeable to air, comfortable to use, and is warm in winter and cool in summer.